Monday, 28 March 2011

Wild meat

This weekend was spent weeding, tidying and digging the ground to get it ready for planting up. We also had a laugh shooting at targets with A's airgun ... even me! Never shot anything in my life before so getting near the centre of the target was pretty good (if I do say so myself!). 

We talked about trying pigeon meat and wondered what it tasted like ... and it wasn't long until one came pecking around within easy shooting distance. I kept expecting it to fly off but it didn't! I did have a millisecond wobble just before shooting it ... I've never killed anything in my life ... but surely a bird that's lived a truly wild life and has a quick death has to be better than something intensively reared to supply the supermarkets? So, I made my mind up and shot.  I got it :~)
 It surprised me that the Munchkins were really interested in it. They wanted to poke and prod, study and help to pluck it. A shot two more pigeons so we had three to take home. Such a good learning opportunity for the little'uns and yet another reminder that kids are only squeamish if they're brought up to be. Two of ours had tried pigeon on a bushcraft weekend a couple of years ago so they felt they were dab hands at it all :~)
 Later, at home, A taught me how to take the breasts off the pigeons which was surprisingly easy - I'll try to take pics next time. Doesn't it look lovely? 

A and I had it pan-fried in pittas with rocket and watercress salad, proper chunky chips and a good dollop of the homemade ketchup. It tasted just like steak - I'm amazed and most definitely converted to wild meat :~) All the Munchkins tried some and all were very enthusiastic with plenty of requests for More!

Can't wait for next time now! 
 While I was mucking about shooting pigeons, my camera was pinched by a mischievous Munchkin and came back with some beautiful pictures! Other Munchkins pulling piratey faces and daisychain-draped hippy poses ... and this lovely, bright, perfect Spring daffodil. As it's Eostre week, I'll leave you with the daffodil :~)

I'm off to add ears, legs and tails to two more kitties ready for them to head off to their new homes tomorrow ...  

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