Sunday, 8 May 2011

Socks :~)

 You can *never* have too many socks! The ones above were crocheted and really quick and easy to do from a pattern kindly sent to me by a member of a friendly little forum I visit.
 The sock above and below is knitted and vastly slower but I love it so far ... So far, I have only ever knitted one other sock in my life and was so relieved to get to the end of it that I couldn't face the second one! This time, I'm just plodding, plodding, plodding on ... I *have* to complete the pair this time!
 After all that, biscuits are in order ... Anzac biscuits. I'll post the recipe when I have a minute to dig it out  :~)

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Campfire said...

Thank you for the lovely acknowledgment of the sock pattern Lentil.

I really must get myself together and knit/crochet some. Are the crochet ones comfortable to wear?

Maybe I should do it instead of reading people's blogs, I have a few favourites that I love reading. Don't think I have anything interesting enough for anyone to read, although I have an area of a Sustrans trail to co-ordinate volunteers and keep it reasonably tidy and signed.