Thursday, 5 February 2015

Waffles and Vanilla Lattes

Waffle socks
 I cast on for the waffle socks but they didn't really seem to work well with the birch yarn. I liked the way the stripes worked out on the ribbing but when it came to the waffle part, the pattern seemed to just merge the colours together too much. The seemed really big too. Not sure why - I've always used 64 stitches and 3mm needles for my socks as I knit really tightly. Anyway, I decided to frog them!

Vanilla Latte
Can you see how the stripes stand out more in the pic above? I much prefer it :-) The pattern is Vanilla Latte and it's beautifully easy to knit aswell. This time I'm using 2.75mm needles and I like the way the fabric of the sock is a little denser. I just hope they don't end up too small!

I already have two lace pairs of socks on the go so a mindless, quick knit is perfect at the moment. Besides, I want to knit these quickly so I can justify trying out natural dyeing with different materials ;-)

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�� love the dye job!